Submission of Abstract

Abstract should be prepared in Turkish or English and the title should be descriptive.

In the preparers section, the names and surnames of the participants and the institution they work for should be stated.

The name and surname of the person presenting the abstract should be

Abstracts for Research Articles;

a) Goal,

b) Materials and Methods,

c) Findings (numerical data and/or statistical data should be included.)

d) It should include a Discussion and Results section.

Summary for Case Presentations;

a) Introduction,

b) Case Presentation(s)

c) Discussion and Results

The number of sources and keywords should not exceed 5.

Abstracts should not exceed 400 words.

A copy of the abstract sent online must be printed and stored after it is approved.

Since the posters will be displayed on digital monitors as e-posters, they should be prepared in PDF format in A4 size.

The evaluation of the applications will be carried out by the scientific board and the advisory board of the meeting and will be notified to the participants. Abstracts that will be accepted as posters will be notified to the authors by the Organization Secretariat.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 20, 2023.

A special place will be reserved for e-poster presentations during the meeting and e-posters   can be displayed on digital monitors between 09:00 - 18:00.

Abstracts sent by mail or fax will not be considered

If a decision is made to present the accepted poster orally, the responsible author will be notified via e-mail.

Abstracts submitted in English will be published as supplements in the UHOD journal in the SCIE index.

Submission of abstract